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Mizrah means EAST in Hebrew. As most Jews in the diaspora live west of Jerusalem, during prayer, they face east towards the site of the Temple in Jerusalem. Jews display this eastern marker in their homes to remind them to pray towards the east.

Shiviti are meditative Jewish plaques used for contemplation over God's name.This tradition is based on the Biblical verse: I have set (Shiviti) the Lord always before me. (Psalm 16:8). My Shiviti includes various words for God including Shiviti, Shekinah and YHVH. I may also add Shemah, Hebrew for Listen!, the first word G-d said to the Jews on Mt. Sinai.  Now ponder therefore, why a Shiviti is a Mizrach yet a Mizrach is not a Shiviti!

Gallery of Helene’s Mussar Art

Tree of Life

In the story of Genesis, God planted the Tree of Life ( ?? ????? Etz Chayim) in the Garden of Eden,  whose fruit gives everlasting life. Usually when people refer to the Tree of Life, they refer to the Torah: “Torah is a tree of life, knowledge & immortality for those who cling to it.”

This inspires me to display my Torah Wisdom Tiles under a Tree of Life.  My Tree of Life is inspired by the book cover Everyday Holiness and the logo of Temple Adat Elohim.

Each Tree of Life sculpture and accompanying clay wisdom tiles are individually designed and decorated.

Tree of Life is app. 9” x 12” mounted on a wooden back. $90 each plus shipping.  To order, go to How to Order.

Wisdom Tiles

These Wisdom tiles can be added to your Tree of Life sculpture! Available in English, Hebrew or transliteration. Choose from the list below which words you wish to add to your tile holder.  

Abstinence, Awe, Anger, Calmness, Compassion, Courage, Enthusiasm, Equanimity, Faith, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Honor,  Holyness, Humility, Joy, Judge Others Favorably, Love, Loving Kindness, Order, Modesty, Patience, Self Truth, Silence, Simplicity, Strength, Trust, Truth, Watchfulness, Willingness

The Refuah Shleima healing tile means “complete recovery”. When we sing “Mi Shieberach”, we are praying for the healing of mind, body & spirit.

Healing Tiles (Refuah Schleima) are about 2.5” x 2.5” for the small ones but they can be created in larger too!  How to Order

The Refuah Shleima healing tile means complete recovery: When we sing Mi Shieberach we are praying   for the healing of mind, body & spirit.

Each wisdom tile is about 1˝” x 3” to 5”.  $18 each plus shipping.


Hands have communicated wisdom from the beginning of time. “Clay and hands, so ancient a story I yearn to mold.” I am deeply moved by these faithfully tender and reassuring words that we are not alone-we are One.

Hands are my specialty! Do you have an idea of a hand you would like to have sculpted? Email me and let me know!  

Betay avon! Enjoy your meal! Hebrew blessing for bread & grain. L’Chaim! To Life! Hebrew blessing  for fruit of the vine.

I love integrating diverse cultures and languages. Have a look. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am!   

Betay Avon & L’Chaim

Shekinah, Light and Unity

Some refer to the divine presence of Shekinah as the Hebrew Goddess and the Divine Feminine.

English translation for Hebrew Psalm 133, Hee-nay ma tov oo-ma-nye-yeem. She-vet a-kheem gam ya-khad. A song of unity, the English & Hebrew are often sung in rounds.

Healing Tiles

Peace: Shalom & Ping, Athena and Om  

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